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Liturgy for the New Millennium - LTP 6174

Liturgy for the New Millennium - LTP 6174

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The pending revision of the Sacramentary is the latest development in the ongoing liturgical renewal, an area of vital interest for those in ministry. This volume serves the ongoing implementation of the liturgical vision of Vatican II—a vision that helps us to see God's Spirit in a living and dynamic tradition of people at worship—by commenting on the proposed revision. The thirteen essays in Liturgy for the New Millennium feature the scholarship of well-known contributors in liturgy. John Page traces the history and process of the Sacramentary revision which has involved a wide consultation with the English Conferences of Bishops around the world. Gilbert Ostdiek presents an inside look into the fascinating but demanding field of liturgical translation. Burkhard Neunheuser examines the cultural foundation for the present order of Mass by looking at the nature of the "Genius of the Roman Rite" as seen through the lens of the British liturgical historian Edmund Bishop. Keith Pecklers studies the role of the liturgical assembly throughout the Church's history and discusses pastoral issues facing the liturgical assembly today. Mark Francis considers the various new options for beginning Mass proposed in the revised Sacramentary. Margaret Mary Kelleher looks at the mandate, rationale, and process by which new prayer texts have been proposed for the revised Sacramentary. The pastoral option of restoring the greeting of peace to its ancient location at the conclusion of the Liturgy of the Word is critiqued by Dominic Serra, who offers both the history and theology of this gesture. Michael Witczak gives an overview of current research regarding Eucharistic Prayers. He then compares the old and new translations of these prayers as well as several new compositions. Gordon Lathrop both affirms and challenges this latest fruit of the liturgical reform of the Roman Catholic Church by examining the role that the revised Sacramentary can play in the liturgical renewal of other churches. Liturgy for the New Millennium is offered as a token of appreciation for Anscar Chupungco's ministry to the liturgical life of the Church. It is his scholarship and professional expertise that has influenced countless students of liturgy—recognizing him as the preeminent Roman Catholic expert on liturgical inculturation. Essays and their contributors are "Foreword," by Wilton D. Gregory; "Introduction," by Mark R. Francis, CSV, and Keith F. Peckers, SJ; "The Process of Revision of the Sacramentary," by John R. Page; "Principles of Translation in the Revised Sacramentary," by Gilbert Ostdiek, OFM; "Roman Genius Revisited," by Burkhard Neunheuser, OSB; "The Liturgical Assembly at the Threshold of the Millennium: A North American Perspective," by Keith F. Pecklers, SJ; "Well Begun is Half Done: The New Introductory Rites in the Revised Sacramentary," by Mark R. Francis, CSV; "New Prayer Texts in the Revised Sacramentary," by Margaret Mary Kelleher, OSU; "The Greeting of Peace in the Revised Sacramentary: A New Pastoral Option," by Dominic E. Serra; "Eucharistic Prayers in the New Sacramentary," by Michael G. Witczak; "The Revised Sacramentary in Ecumenical Affirmation and Admonition," by Gordon W. Lathrop; and "Anscar—Monk Extraordinary," by Bernardo Ma. Perez, OSB. Mark R. Francis, CSV, is associate professor of liturgy at Catholic Theological Union. He is the author of Liturgy in a Multicultural Community from the American Essays in Liturgy series and Living No Longer for Ourselves, published by The Liturgical Press. Keith F. Pecklers, S.J., is professor of liturgical theology and history at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome. He is also the author of the award-winning The Unread Vision, published by The Liturgical Press.

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