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Asterisk (Series K321-A)

Asterisk (Series K321-A)

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Brand: Koleys

24k Gold Plated Asterisk Made of Brass with 24K Gold Plate finish. 5" Asterisk Made of the highest quality BRASS and then spun, forged or cast in to the piece you see. Finished to perfection by expert craftsmen with years of church goods experience. Our POLISHED FINISH (where indicated) reveals a rich, mirror like lustre and is often referred to as BRIGHT FINISH Our SATIN FINISH (where indicated) gives the piece a more muted, brushed look and helps to hide fingerprints. Our 24k gold plating process is amperage controlled for precise application of the correct amount of gold to create a lasting piece and adhere to church law. This item is made by Koleys, one of the most respected names in the church goods industry. CARE INSTRUCTIONS for 24k GOLD PLATE Churchware:The gold plate on any churchware should be treated gently as gold is a soft metal and will scratch if not handled properly. Always remove jewelry and rings before handling to avoid scratching the surface. Wipe down with a clean, soft flannel cloth after use to remove finger oils. A soft, liquid soap may be used but make sure soap does not contain any abrasives. If the gold surface has dirt, dust or a heavy build up of oils, gently rinse under lukewarm water, then you can put a little liquid soap on your fingers and lightly run fingers under water to creates a sudsy mix and gently wash the surface. Be careful not to get water into the joints of shafts, stems, bases or other points. NEVER submerge in water or place in a dishwasher, water can get into the interior of the piece and cause corrosion from the inside. Dry with a soft, clean cloth and allow to air dry before putting in storage. All Gold churchware will eventually tarnish, which will appear as brown spots or lines on the gold. To remove, follow above directions, then use a good quality silver & gold polish to gently remove the tarnish. Gold and silver plated church ware should be stored in flannel bags for protection. We recommend our Church Metal Ware Polishing Kit #SEC-MPK100 which includes gold and silver polish, special polishing cloths and cotton gloves. You can also add optional storage bags and additional cotton gloves.

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